If a tree falls on my house, how am I covered?

During bad storms in Illinois and Wisconsin, we see many questions about fallen tree coverage. For tree removal to be covered by your homeowners insurance, the tree must damage your covered dwelling (house) or other insured structures on your property (e.g., fence, shed). There’s usually a limit on how much your policy will cover for fallen tree removal costs. If a tree falls on your covered dwelling or your neighbor’s, typically the insurance policy of the property owner where the tree fell will be responsible for the damage. Remember, it’s wise to review your policy details and contact your agent promptly in case of damage.

Coverage for Damage Caused by Fallen Trees:

  • Standard homeowners insurance covers damage to your house and its contents if a tree falls on them, regardless of who owns the tree.
  • This applies to trees brought down by wind, lightning, or hail.
  • Your insurance may try to recover costs from your neighbor’s insurance if the tree was on their property (subrogation).

Tree Removal Coverage:

  • If the tree damages an insured structure, your insurance may cover removal costs (usually capped at $500-$1000).
  • If the fallen tree doesn’t damage anything, removal is generally not covered unless it blocks a driveway or handicap ramp.

Coverage for Damaged Trees and Shrubs:

  • Standard policies cover damage to trees and shrubs caused by specific events (fire, lightning, etc.).
  • This coverage is usually limited to 5% of your dwelling coverage and may have a cap per plant.
  • Business-grown trees require separate commercial insurance.

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